Green Check Program

Green Check Program

The Green Check Program® by HomeCheckRI was developed to help home owners make a safer home by knowing what’s in your home, by bundling a suite of testing services into a single visit.

Understanding what is in your air and water is as important to health and happiness as your diet, but how do you know what you are breathing?  The Green Check Program® focuses on Air Quality (mold), Radon and Well Water (where available).  We also provide home heating oil tank ultrasound testing if needed.

We have bundled our Air Quality / Mold test, Radon Air Test and Well Water Testing services into the Green Check Program.  When these test are completed, you will receive reports for each test informing you of what is in your water and air, in one package!  And because we are able to conduct these individual tests in one visit, we can discount the cost which we pass on too you!

Our goal is to help you make a safer home by getting you the information
you need as affordable and efficiently as possible.

So, what’s included? Green Check Program® consists primarily of two packages.  Additional sampling and tests can be added depending on the size of your home and needs.

Base Package – $399:

  • Air Quality/Mold: 1 Air test, and 1 swab test for air quality and possible microbial (mold), emailed report.
    *Additional samples (Air, Swab, tape) +$45 each.
  • Radon Air test – 48 hour test with our CRM radon Correntium Pro monitors, emailed report.
    *Additional monitors for larger homes +$90 each.

Base + Water Package – $659:

  • Air Quality/Mold: 1 Air test, and 1 swab test for air quality and possible microbial (mold), emailed report.
    Additional samples (Air, Swab, tape) +$45 each.
  • Radon Air test – 48 hour test with our CRM radon Correntium Pro monitors, emailed report.
    Additional monitors for larger homes +$90 each.
  • Well Water
    We test for what is referred to as the Rhode Island Well Water Profile including Radon.
    Testing consists of Radon, Coliform & E.coli bacteria, Chlorine, Chloride, Fluoride, Nitrite-N, Nitrate-N, Sulfate, pH, Odor, Color, Turbidity, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Total Hardness, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Lead, Total Dissolved Solids, Alkalinity, Conductivity, VOCs, , emailed report.
    * Additional samples can be added – Click here to learn more about additional sampling types.

Additional Services
These additional services can be added to your Green Check Program

Add Oil Tank Ultrasound – $55

Home heating oil tanks typically hold 275 gallons (sizes vary), and most are constructed of steel, which can rust.  Oil tanks normally corrode from the inside out due to water from condensation, which means its very difficult if not impossible to determine the condition of the tank without a oil tank ultrasound test which measures the thickness of the steel at the bottom of the tank.  Tank manufactures have recommended tolerance’s of the thickness, depending on the thickness of the steel originally used to construct your tank.  If the thickness falls below that tolerance, than its time to get a new tank.  Oil spills from tank blow-outs can cost 10’s of thousands of dollars if not more and may cause you to have to move out of your home until remediated.

We test 10-12 spots along the bottom of the tank and provide you with the results so you have a much better understanding of your tanks integrity.  Typically, tanks older than 20 years of age should be tested every 2-3 years, obviously the older tank, the greater the concern.

Learn more about our Oil Tank Ultrasound Testing – click here.

Roof-Drone Inspection – $75

Really, how often do you go up on your roof – more importantly – who wants to pull out a ladder and climb up?  For a homeowner, pulling the ladder out of the garage may seem like the only way to go about inspecting the roof of your home, and it used to be – but not anymore.

Traditional  methods of inspecting a roof are antiquated, inefficient, and more importantly just plain dangerous. Drones have replaced the ladders and are absolutely better for performing roof inspections.  We are Part 107 FAA licensed and insured for drone piloting and have inspected many roofs with drone technology.

We will scan your roof 360 degrees and provide a report summary with photos of your roof.


Pest Inspection – WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms) – $95

HomeCheck RI conducts WDO (wood destroying organism) inspections and is licenses in RI.  Our ‘Pest’ inspection can by used to meet requirements for the NPMA-33 Pest Form for FHA and VA loans.

Not many know there are different types of wood destroying organisms—termites aren’t the only ones!
Termites, Carpenter Ants and Powder Post Beetles (click here to learn more about these pests).

It’s imperative to get a professional wood destroying organism inspection if you think you may have these insects in your home—even if you’re not selling or buying a home. Not only can they cause structural damage, dry rot, or fungus, but WDOs can potentially cause health issues as well.


Learn more about our Drone Roof Inspections – click here.