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Understanding and managing the many challenges in owning a property can be a daunting and demanding task which requires knowledge to make reliable and dependable decisions, and maintaining a healthy, safe and happy home.

Family breathes clean air

HomeCheck RI offers a fast, reliable and affordable resource in identifying problem areas such as Radon, Air Quality, Oil Tank integrity, and system inspections of your property to assist in identifying where and what needs attention first.  HomeCheck RI’s ability to perform multiple tests at multiple areas allows us to provide a suite of testing and inspections in one visit and get you’re the answer you need, quickly!

HomeCheck RI works with several local remediation and installation companies to ensure owners have options when considering the repair of systems and areas which do not pass an inspection, or where health and safety remediation is needed i.e. mold and radon.  Because we focus only on the testing and inspections, it allows

Family breathes clean air

us to focus on providing reliable and dependable results which creates accurate information which is not influenced by the proposal of remediation work afterwards.  HomeCheck RI does the testing so you have the data needed to make an informed decision for the solution.