Well Water Testing

HomeCheck RI can test your well water for dozens of parameters including radon, bacteria, lead, arsenic, uranium and more. Keep your family and loved ones safe and test your drinking water annually!  All of our water tests are processed and analyzed by an independent public health laboratory that has been Aquatekproviding quality water and radon testing services for over thirty years. They are licensed to test drinking water by the State Department of Health in both Connecticut and Rhode Island. They are also licensed by the National Radon Safety Board (N.R.S.B.) and the National Radon Proficiency Program (N.R.P.P.) to test for radon.

The Rhode Island Well Water test/profile+Radon is designed to provide a water analysis that can quickly and accurately determine the general quality of the water you drink.   It also tests for other chemicals which can cause health concerns including Coliform & E.coli bacteria and radon in water. The Rhode Island Well Water test/profile meets the needs of both homeowners and professionals.


The Rhode Island Well Profile – $335

The Rhode Island Well Profile which is the base test for well water in RI includes testing for Coliform & E.coli bacteria, Chlorine, Chloride, Fluoride, Nitrite-N, Nitrate-N, Sulfate, pH, Odor, Color, Turbidity, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Total Hardness, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Total Dissolved Solids, Alkalinity, Conductivity, VOCs

The RI Well Profile + Radon – $365
The RI Well Profile + Radon is the Rhode Island Well profile test, adding Radon.

Results are generally available in 2-3 business days. We send most reports to customers by email. The E.P.A. recommends that home owners have their well water tested annually. Testing is also recommended for water that develops a noticeable change in color, odor, or taste.

Homecheck RI offers a full range of water testing options, to learn more
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Common water Problems

  • Chemicals to test for include arsenic, nitrates-nitrites and pesticides.
  • Indicates petroleum seeping from a tank into the water supply. Test for volatile organic compounds(VOC’s).
  • These odors generally result from decaying organic matter in the water.
  • Usually caused by high iron content as the result of acidic water.
  • High sodium content in your ground water could be the result of heavily salted roadways or improperly maintained water treatment equipment.
  • Water containing hydrogen sulfide usually does not pose a health risk, but does give water a nuisance “rotten egg” smell and taste. Sulfur bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide as a metabolic by-product are generally the cause. Less commonly, a magnesium rod placed in water heaters to prevent corrosion may react with sulfates dissolved in the water to produce hydrogen sulfide. Since extremely small amounts of hydrogen sulfide can be detected in water by smell and taste, laboratory testing is not needed to detect its presence.
  • Dissolved iron or manganese may oxidize and be deposited onto sinks and other exposed items.
  • Acidic water can leach copper from household plumbing and deposit it onto fixtures.
  • Suspended dirt, clay, silt or rust will lend a cloudy appearance to water.
  • Hardness caused by calcium and magnesium salts dissolved in the water is generally the cause of this problem.
  • The basic water profile should be used any time that there is a noticeable change in your drinking water.

Homecheck RI offers a full range of water testing options, to learn more
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