Radon Testing

Radon Testing Pricing

To ensure you are getting honest testing and reliable testing results and service,  HomeCheckRI focuses on testing. If results are over the minimum allowable levels, we offer you multiple mitigation companies in RI to choose from for system installation.

The test takes 48 hours.  We schedule a drop off time and place a monitor typically in your basement, or lowest livable or potentially livable space. 

The monitor (Airthings Correntium Pro) takes a reading every hour, recording radon level, power outages, tilting, air pressure.  After 48 hours, we pick up the monitor and upload to our lab, who calculates the data and emails a report typically same day.  



Here’s How it Works …

From start to finish, here’s how it is done in 3 easy steps..
These are the steps taken to produce a highly-accurate, certified Radon report…

Step 1 : Deliver monitor.
HomeCheck delivers a monitor – typically in the lowes livable area usually the basement. Even if its not finished – it could be. Exception would be a dirt floor crawlspace, then the first floor. Each monitor is good for up to 1,000sf. For instance, if you had a 900 sf single level home, you would need one monitor. If your fist level is greater than 1,000 sf, you may consider a second monitor.


Step 2 Begin a Test. 
After the monintor is placed and activated, it will start to record data – radon level, temperature, relative humidity, and motion detection – which means if the machine is moved or tampered with, or if doors and/or windows are opened, it will monitor and record the environmental changes. This test is conducted for 48 hours recording once every hour.


Step 3 – Retrieve monitor 
After 48 hours or more, we arrive at the property to retrieve the monitor.  TIP: It is recommended that doors and windows stay closed – except for normal entering and exiting of the room, during the 48 hours. Once the monitor is received, data is uploaded to the lab and results are generally available within a few hours, and are delivered via email.



Radon Testing Pricing