Radon Testing

Radon Testing Pricing

To ensure you are getting honest testing and reliable testing results and service,  HomeCheck RI focuses on testing. If results are over the minimum allowable levels, we offer you multiple mitigation companies in RI to choose from for system installation.

The test takes 48 hours.  We schedule a drop off time and place a monitor typically in your basement, or lowest livable or potentially livable space. 

The monitor takes a reading every hour, recording radon level, power outages, tilting, air pressure.  After 48 hours, we pick up the monitor and upload to our lab, who calculates the data and emails a report typically same day.  

Here’s How it Works …

From start to finish, here’s how it is done.
These are the steps taken to produce a highly-accurate, certified Radon report…

Step 1 Start a Document.
With our scheduling feature we prepare your r pre-test report documentation using our online and  mobile app.

Step 2 Begin a Test. 
We place one or more radon monitors in the lowest livable area at a property, and initiate the testing process, using our Bluetooth-enabled device.

Step 3 – Let it Run. 
After 48 hours or more, we arrive at the property to retrieve the monitor.  TIP: It is recommended that doors and windows stay closed – except for normal entering and exiting of the room, during the 48 hours.

Step 4 – Finish the test. 
When we retrieve the monitor, we check that the area and monitor are in working area and no obvious signs of tampering are present, ensuring reliable data.

Step 5 – Upload report.
We upload the test data to our lab via our mobile app internet-connected, Bluetooth-enabled device.

Step 6 – We put your report together. 
When your test information is complete, and data is received at our lab, we compile a customized comprehensive report, and screen the results for any possible problems.

Step 7 – Get your report. 
You will receive an email when your report is ready. The report can also be emailed to your pre-authorized  agents, attorneys or anyone you choose depending on your needs.

Radon Testing Pricing